Bike Boy Alleycat

Rules & Regulations

Bike Boy - Alleycat Bike Race on April 16th 2011 2pm

Everybody should enjoy the race.
We recommend fair play, tolerance, good competition spirit.
Remember to fully respect the following rules from the beginning to the end.

In case of questions or problems please call 182 1058 5864.

Race Requirements:

* The Bike Boy Alleycat bike race is on April 16th 2011 in Beijing, China.
* Only people riding on fixed gear bikes can participate, no freewheel allowed.
* Registration ends on April 14th 23:00. People that are not registered before the deadline cannot race.
* Minors need to have approval from their parents to participate.
* The racers need to make sure that they drink and eat enough before the race.
* The alleycat bike race starting point is the 798 Art District Iberia Center for Contemporary Art (798伊比利亚当代艺术中心). On Saturday April 16th the actual race start time will be around 2:30 or 2:40pm.
* All racers must arrive at the race starting point at 2pm and come to the race organization table to confirm their name, pick up their Bike Boy alleycat t-shirt and their race spoke card.
* The racers need to wear the Bike Boy alleycat t-shirt during the race and put the alleycat spoke card in their spokes so that the checkpoint managers can identify them as racers.
* The racers can leave clothes and bags at the start location (Iberia Art Center).
* At each check point there is water provided.

Race Rules:

* All racers must race fair and according to the rules. If the race organization team notices racer not playing fair those racers will be disqualified.
* This Bike Boy alleycat is set up with one start and end point and 5 check points spread over the city. The addresses and map are communicated in advance of the race so that each racer can chose his route.
* At all 5 check points there will be a small game that only 1 racer at a time can do. Other racers need to line up and wait for their time to participate in the game. Every racer needs to follow what the check point managers say.
* The racers can go to any check point first, there is no order. Especially with the games it might be faster to go to a check point without waiting line of other racers. Each racer can use his own strategy of how to be the fastest.
* The manifest will be handed out just before the race. Each racer needs to take care of it. At each checkpoint after a successful finish of each game the racer will get a stamp on his manifest and be able to ride on.


* This alleycat bike race takes place in Beijing on the normal city streets in Saturday April 16th afternoon traffic. Each rider should ride according to Chinese traffic laws and ride safe for him or herself and not cause any hazard for others. Safety must be everyone's first concern!
* Each racer is responsible for himself and his bike. Each racer must check his bike before the race and make sure that he can brake and his wheels and other parts have no issues.
* Each racer also needs to take care that his pants cannot get caught in the chain, the shoe laces cannot get caught in the chain or around the crank or any other bag, strap or clothes could cause any hazard.
* The race organization advises the racers to wear helmets and any other protection the racers will feel necessary to guarantee their and other peoples safety.

Winners and Disqualifications:

* The first racer to come back to the finish checkpoint with a fully stamped manifest wins.
* If a racer loses his manifest then he is disqualified from the race. So do not lose your manifest!
* If a racer cannot find one or more of the checkpoints he can return to the end point but will get penalty minutes added to his race time.
* If a racer brakes a race rule or plays unfair against others he will be disqualified from the race.